Ext4 vs Zfs Kernel Module:benchmarks so far.

Well I have finally set aside some time to try and test performance using the zfs kernel module that I blogged about a bit ago.

Overall the zfs kernel module produced results that were similar to the ones I saw while using ext4, however most real world zfs setups are not limited to a single disk, so it will be very interesting to see what kind of performance numbers we will see when we start benchmarking on setups that have many disks.

Although the zfs results were slower in almost every single case, ext4 was not too much faster in most of those cases and I suspect that there are lots of people out there who would be more then willing to take a tiny hit in speed, in order to gain the substantial benefits that comes with having zfs as your underlying filesystem.

Here are some of the benchmarks I got doing the following:

a)create 10,000 files using touch
b)create 10,000 directories using mkdir
c)untar the latest stable linux kernel
d)create a 1GB file using dd
e)find 10,000 files
f)delete 10,000 files
g)find 10,000 directories
h)delete 10,000 directories

At some point soon I plan to add values for raid2z, btrfs, iozone results, etc.



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