Gluster 3.1 released

Today the team over at announced the availability of version of Gluster 3.1 of their software.   There are currently two different offerings available from Gluster.  There is the Gluster Storage Platform, known as ‘GlusterSP’ which provides a Linux based bare metal installer, web based front end, etc.

They also offer ‘Glusterfs’ which they release as open source and provides the same functionality of GlusterSP,  but does not require a fresh install like GlusterSP,  but instead,  you can use it on an existing Linux or Solaris based system.

The 3.1 release brings the following new features:

Elastic Volume Management: logical storage volumes are decoupled from physical hardware, allowing administrators to grow, shrink and migrate storage volumes without any application downtime. As storage is added, storage volumes are automatically rebalanced across the cluster making it always available online regardless of changes to the underlying hardware.

New Gluster Console Manager: the Command Line Interface (CLI), Application Programming Interface (API) and shell are merged into a single powerful interface, enabling automation by giving the CLI higher level API’s and scripting capabilities. Languages such as Python, Ruby or PHP can be used to script a series of commands that are invoked through the command line. This new tool requires no new APIs and is able to script out and rapidly automate any information inserted in the CLI allowing cloud administrators the ability to simply automate large scale operations.

Native Network File System (NFS): including a native NFS v3 module which allows storage servers to communicate natively with NFS clients directly to any storage server in the cluster and simultaneously communicates NFS and the Gluster protocol. NFS requires no specialized training, making it simple and easy to deploy.

To find out more about Gluster you can visit, you can also visit if you want to get more familiar with the open source side of the Gluster house.

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