Monthly Archives: February 2012

Introduction to Btrfs

I have been waiting for the video presentation of a talk given by Chris Mason at this year’s Scale 10x to finally be posted online. The original Scale 10x talks were streamed live, and the website claims that the videos will be posted online soon, however at this point no date has been provided.

In the meantime however, I found a link to another talk given by Chirs, this time hostsed at In order to view the full video you do need to provide your name and email address, but the process is painless and well worth the 30 seconds it takes to fill in the form.

It appears as though this was put together in December 2011, so it is relatively new and up to date, provides a nice introduction to btrfs, a look at the upcoming feature set, and a list of work that still needs to be done in order to make btrfs production ready.

Here is a link to the first few minutes of the talk:


XFS: Adventures in Filesystem Scalability

There was another file system talk to come out of the recent conference, this one was given by Dave Chinner and was entitled ‘XFS: Recent and Future Adventures in Filesystem Scalability’.

Here Dave discusses some of the historical roadblocks which prevented XFS from scaling as well as it could have, provides some in depth details about how these issue were eventually√ā¬†overcome, shows off some benchmarks comparing throughput and overall scaling using XFS, EXT4 and BTRFS.

Dave finishes up the talk with some discussion about what you can expect next from XFS and then takes some questions from the audience.