Monthly Archives: February 2015

Syslog broken after upgrade to Debian Wheezy

We have run into an issue on several of of our Debian servers after upgradeing to Wheezy. The issue is one that tends to go unnoticed for a while, until you are looking through the files in ‘/var/log’ and notice that none of the files have updated entries since the date of the last upgrade.

The solution to the issue is to install the following package:

‘apt-get install inetutils-syslogd’

After installing this missing package, syslogd should once again be running, and you should start to see new entries show up in your messages, syslog, etc files.

Force10 troubleshooting commands

Here are a few of the more helpful commands that I have been using recently to troubleshoot some performance issues we have been having with our our stacked S4820’s.

1)Show interfaces statistics:
‘show interface tengigabitethernet 0/40’

2)Monitor interface statistics in real-time:
‘monitor interface tengigabitethernet 0/40’

3)Show port channel statistics:
‘show interface port-channel7’

4)Show overview of port channel groupings:
‘show interface port-channel brief’

5)Monitor port channel statistics in real-time:
‘monitor interface port-channel 12’

6)Display vlan interfaces statistics:
‘show interface vlan 20’

7)Gather data for tech support:
‘show tech-support’

8)Display serial numbers, service tags, etc:
‘show inventory’

Remove objects from Ceph pool without deleting pool

I recently wanted to cleanup a few of the pools I have been using for rados benchmarking. I did not want to do delete the pools, just the objects inside the pool.

If you are trying to clear up ‘rados bench’ objects you can use something like this:

‘rados -p temp_pool cleanup –prefix benchmark’

If you are trying to remove all the objects from a pool that does not prefix the object names with:

‘for i in `rados -p temp_pool ls`; do echo $i; rados -p temp_pool rm $i; done’