Maatkit is now Percona Toolkit for MySQL

I have written about Maatkit in the past, and more specifically how to use ‘mk-query-digest’.   Development on Maatkit has stopped at this point and you should look to use the Percona Toolkit for Mysql going forward. We use ‘pt-query-digest’ on a regular basis on our servers in order to profile running Mysql instances during periods […]

Mysql slow log parsing with Maatkit

One of the tools that is included with Maatkit is called ‘mk-query-digest’.  If you have Mysql slow logging enabled, this perl script can me used to examine these entries, and provide a very useful and user friendly report that will help you understand the queries that are exceeding your current slow log threshold. You can then […]

Introduction to Maatkit

Maatkit is a group of perl scripts that provide advanced methods of administration for Mysql. Here are a few of the more useful things that Maatkit allows you do to: Monitor MySQL replication delay Make a MySQL slave server lag behind its master. Ensuring slaves have the same data as masters Find duplicate indexes and foreign […]