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Recently I was given the task of putting together  a storage solution that would be used to  house a large amount of our digital assets.  I was also asked to make sure there would be enough space to meet our needs over the next few years.  The project called for a solution that could scale up to around 120TB of usable space.  Depending on the price, this solution might also be used to store a majority of our digital archive (audio and video).

I will go into the specific hardware and software details of the project in another post, however after about a month of research, we decided to go with a solution that was able to take advantage of the ZFS filesystem.

Here are a few documents that I found invaluable during my setup and overall planning:

ZFS Best Practices Guide

ZFS Configuration Guide

ZFS Troubleshooting Guide

ZFS Troubleshooting and Cheatsheet Guide

These links can be a starting point for anyone who wants to gain a better overall understanding of how to best administer a server running ZFS.  The ‘best practices guide’ is also a great resource to consult during the initial project planning stages.

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