Native Linux ZFS kernel module goes GA.

UPDATE: If you are interested in ZFS on linux you have two options at this point:

I have been actively following the  zfsonlinux project because once stable and ready it should offer superior performance due to the extra overhead that would be incurred by using fuse with the zfs-fuse project.

You can read more about using zfsonlinux in another one of my posts here.

Earlier this week  KQInfotech released the latest latest build of their ZFS kernel modules for Linux. This version has been labeled GA and ready for wider testing (and maybe ready for production).

KQStor has been setup as a place where you can go to sign-up for an account, download the software and get additional support.

The source code for the module can be found here:

Currently mounting of the root filesystem is not supported, however a post here, describes a procedure that can be used to do it.

The users guide also hints at possible problems using ‘zfs rollback’ under certain circumstances.  I have asked for more specific information on this issue, and I will pass along any other information I can uncover.

After looking around the various mailing lists, this looks like it might be an issue that exists with zfs-fuse, and thus the current version of the kernel module as well, since they share a lot of the same code.

Installation and usage:

Installation of the module is fairly simple, I downloaded the pre-packaged .deb packages for Ubuntu 10.10 server.

root@server1:/root/Deb_Package_Ubuntu10.10_2.6.35-22-server# dpkg -i *.deb

If all goes well you should be able to list the loaded modules:

root@server1:/root/Deb_Package_Ubuntu10.10_2.6.35-22-server# lsmod |grep zfs
lzfs                   36377  3
zfs                   968234  1 lzfs
zcommon                42172  1 zfs
znvpair                47541  2 zfs,zcommon
zavl                    6915  1 zfs
zlib_deflate           21866  1 zfs
zunicode              323430  1 zfs
spl                   116684  6 lzfs,zfs,zcommon,znvpair,zavl,zunicode

Now I can create a test pool:

root@server1:/root#zpool create test-mirror mirror sdc sdd

Now check the status of the zpool:

root@server1:/root# zpool status
pool: test-mirror
state: ONLINE
scan: none requested

test-mirror  ONLINE    0     0     0
mirror-0  ONLINE       0     0     0
sdc1   ONLINE          0     0     0
sdd1   ONLINE          0     0     0

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